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Measuring Jugs & Cylinders
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Measuring Jugs & Cylinders

Item Code: FJ
Australian Made Industrial Strength Jugs
  • These jugs are made to last Available in a broad range of sizes from 100ml to 5L
  • Excellent pouring control, with a patented dual purpose non drip spout giving perfect control from a fine stream to a bulk filling
  • Resistant to most agricultural, industrial and commercial chemicals
  • Easy and safe to hold. Patented handle give real control and is large enough to use with gloved hands. Has firm bevelled thumb grip area
  • Strong, robust construction - this jug is stiff even when full of liquid, with a wall thickness calculated to ensure the jug shape does not deform under load
  • Non spill design
  • These jugs have a much larger total capacity than their nominated size, so a full measure can be carried without danger of spilling as they have a lot of freeboard between the full measure and the top of the jug
  • Raised measuring graduations - unlike painted on graduations, these do not wear off in use, guaranteeing a long life UV resistant
  • Food grade polypropylene
  • Australian Made

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